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If you are tired of buying, trying and failing with knife sharpeners then you have arrived in the right place. I have tried them all. If you want to avoid having to “try them all” then you are in the right place too.

This Work Sharp knife sharpener is hands down the best damn way to get knives super sharp

Knives that are 4 dollars at Walmart can be converted to paper slicing works of art that make cutting vegetables etc a piece of cake.

Sharpeners Like these DON’T work!

Not only is this type expensive they destroy your knives versus make them sharper.

How do I know? This is where I started out with knife sharpening.

My logic was well they look fancy and they are not cheap so they must work.

I could not have been more wrong on that second half of my assumptions but was correct on the first half.

In other words they look fancy but that is where the story ends

Do Work Sharp sharpeners work?

Yeah it’s brilliant.. 10 passes on the left, 10 passes on the right and then pass it 10 on each side again on the soft belt and START cutting paper.

Get the leather belt and you are heading into the sharpness danger zone.

Once you start slicing paper like a Japanese knife professional you will never look back.

The belts are “replaceable” so what sharpens your knives and blades is always renewable.

It will probably last 50 years so you can buy cheap knives and end up with very expensive like results.

All in all it won the day and you might consider leveraging the work I put in to skip all the ordering, returning, reading etc.

What else do I need?

Depending on how much knife sharpening you need to do you could pick up some spare belts.

Work Sharp replacement belts are the secret sauce behind you whether or not you will be able to impress your guest by slicing paper.

work sharp knife sharpener replacement belts


work sharp knife sharpener replacement belts

Where can I get one?

Get it on Amazon

Knife Sharpener related on Amazon

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