USB Power Supply for Zoom H4n, H6

Straight to the Point

Run your Zoom Digital recorder like the H4n Pro or the H6 for literally days using USB Power Supply for Zoom H4n

The Zoom recorders run on 4 AA batteries and if you use your device a lot than the cost of these batteries starts to add up.

Also, consider the frustration of having to change the batteries constantly and at times finding your recorder completely off for the batteries going dead.

Specs on Amazon

  • Plug & Play, it is really handy when travelling or outdoors, just power it with a 5V 2A-4A power bank and you can start running your 9V requirements.
  • DC Output: 9.0V; Max Current: 800mAh; USB Input: 5V
  • Connector Size: Tip negative(-) design, DC Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm
  • Safe & Reliable, with built-in upgraded intelligent IC circuit, our voltage adapter provides your devices perfect protection from over-current, over voltage, overload or short circuit.
  • 1.5M/5ft power cord and no current loss.

Is the USB Power Supply for Zoom H4n Too good to be true?

Not a chance. This cable is the complete opposite of too good to true.  It provides you peace of mind and removes the frustration caused by dead batteries.

When your recorder stops because the batteries go dead you might not find out about this reality until you missed out on what you thought you were recording but were not!

You simply connect the cable to a solid USB power supply such as a 10,000 mAh USB battery pack and you eliminate piles of concern and frustration.

What else do I need?

Consider picking up a USB battery pack with a minimum of actual 10000 mAh.

Some gaffers tape helps affixing the the  battery pack to the recorder or tripod etc.

Okay where can I get a USB Power Supply for Zoom H4n

It’s available on Amazon

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