The Best Low Cost Smoker Money Can Buy

Straight to the point

This is not rocket science in the slightest. This Low Cost Smoker is a stainless steel box that you load pellets or other wood that fits and you stick it in an enclosed box like a BBQ grill and leave it to smoke whatever it is that you want smoked

Specs on Amazon

  • Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel so Your Pellet Tube is Durable and Will Never Rust – Horizontal Holes Designed to Evenly Distribute Smoke as it Moves Up The Chamber
  • Hot or Cold Smoke Your Favorite Foods: Meat, Fish, Nuts, Cheese, Hot Dogs, Sausages, Salmon, Pork, Ribs, Bacon and more!

What kind of stuff can I smoke?

Cheese, meats, salmon, nuts. Whatever people smoke in smokers.

I often smoke sharp cheddar, baby back ribs and brisket.

Which low cost Smoker should I get?

Again since we are not dealing with rockets just about any of the listed low cost smokers  out there will do. It’s a metal tube so no need to over think this purchase.

Find one with the right look and price and grab this low cost smoker and get on with it.

You can take the thing on the go to say friend’s houses and even on longer trips.

If works perfectly for RV’s and other camping like scenarios.  You can’t take a giant smoker with you on the go but you can bring the smoke with you.

What else do I need?

Naturally you will need to some wood to burn. I settled on pellets that you can pick up just about anywhere including Amazon.  So with all things smokers the wood comes in various type like hickory, mesquite, cherry etc.

Okay where can I get a low cost smoker?

They are available on Amazon

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