Proton VPN Secure Your Internet Traffic from Prying Eyes

Straight to the Point

The goal of this post is not to sell you on the idea that you should get a Proton VPN.

Nor does it pretend to tell you the benefits of having a VPN or not.

The assumption here is that you have done your research and have arrived at the conclusion you should invest your money in having a VPN

As you can see below there is a massive difference between the “brand” name versions of the VPN’s and one that is at a minimum half the the others.

Do you want to spend double to have a brand named network connection?

Or do you just want the connection and be done with it?

Get the Proton VPN if you want great value for money in securing your internet exposure.

Is a Proton VPN for real?

I use it eveyday of the year on my desktop, laptop and smart phone.

Once you get it setup you are just in the businees of connecting and disconnecting as needed.

Need access to a streaming service like Netflix?

There are legions of people that use VPNs primarily to get access while traveling abroad to have access to a service like Spotify or Netflix.

People also considered

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