Panera Coffee Value for Coffee Drinkers

Straight to the Point

Panera Coffee Subscription offers you unlimited coffee each month. Right now Panera is offering the subscription for FREE for 3 months.

The regular price is $8.99 a month which works out to

  • 33¢ cents a day if you hit Panera daily
  • 45¢ cents a day if you only go to Panera 5 days a week.

Is the Panera Coffee Subscription too good to be true?

Not if you drink a lot of coffee.

Where can you get unlimited daily coffee for 33¢ cents a day?

No other place on the planet is offering coffee at this price. Not even close.

Forget about getting value like this from Starbucks or even making your own coffee at home.

Home-made coffee will still cost you more than 8.99 per month and considering it’s free for the first three months nothing beats free.

What else do I need?

Get a large coffee mug if you just want to pop in and get on your way since there will  be no waiting after you order your coffee in the Panera app

Okay where can I get a Panera Coffee Subscription

It’s available via the Panera Coffee Subscription page on their website or via the Panera app.

Remember! it’s currently FREE for the first 3 months as of January 2021

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