Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless, Rechargeable & Mic

Straight to the Point

The Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones are such an amazing value for your listening dollars. 

These headphones sound absolutely great for the low price you pay for them.

Volume levels handle listening to loud music and general video watching.

The charge lasts all day and into the next.

Some of the Techs and Specs from Amazon

  • Almost one week of use with HIFI sound: Mpow professional 40mm drivers offer you incredible listening clarity.
  • Supplying up to 18 hours of rechargeable battery life, twice as much as others. If not used frequently, headphone can be used about a week. 3.5mm audio cable changes the wireless to wired mode to keep listening when the battery runs out.
  • 3-Button easy CONTROL on music, calls, audio books & FM without buying an extra SD card: quickly connecting with Bluetooth V4.1 to your phones, you can operate all the audio and call function directly on the headphones without touching your cellphones to enjoy your things.
  • Rotatable space-saving design with travel Carrying bag & proper tightness in light weight for comfort: Take it to anywhere with the included carrying bag. The ergonomic design, comfy memory protein earmuff and the adjustable metal slider reduces pressure on ear and fit head perfectly.
  • Hands free calling with CVC6.0 noise reduction technology: giving you a clearer phone communication. Built-in microphone lets you pick up any incoming calls conveniently. No need to worry about missing any phone calls.
  • Stable compatibility & easy to use: Mpow H7 wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth devices. Quickly and stable connecting with your smartphones, MP3, iPad, PC, laptop and so on. Mpow H7 over-ear stereo headphones offer you better overall user experience.

Are the Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones too good to be true?

You can spend forever trying to sort out which headset is a good one for the price and which one is too good to be true and more hype than sound.

Last we checked you can’t hear brand come through the speakers. So what matters is there is no break up in the sound.

You want to hear your music the way you think it should sound. Full of volume and not cracking or break up.

So which one should I get?

Believe me when I say I went through 5-10 headsets trying to find one that was low cost yet produce sound at about say 80% of the massively costly ones.

This Mpow H7 headset (or headphones or whatever they are called) is the net result of me doing exactly what I described above, I ordered this pair and that pair and found that many were just crap and not worth the paper of the box they came in.

I read review after review trying to sort out which one of these things was a good buy for the money.

Reviews were helpful but nothing matched having a personal listen.

Turns out to be these!

So after all the work it turned out to be these. Is there a better one? Could be but I’ve done enough leg work and purchases and returns to sort out that these are a great value for money.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a low priced but solid headset then you probably won’t go wrong getting this Mpow H7.  I am definitely a fan.

Do the Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones work?

Yeah they are really good for what I use them for.

  • Listening to music
  • Conference calls on Zoom, Webex, Whatsapp, Skype for Business etc
  • Some gaming

So all in all they won the day and you might consider leveraging the work I put in to skip all the ordering, returning, reading etc.

Where can I pick up the Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones?

They are available at Amazon

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