Linkly – Why is it the best Link Tool for Affiliates?

Straight to the Point

Linkly hands down is the best url tool for affiliate marketers in terms of price and features for the price paid.

Features that expensive alternative brand name services don’t have or are not easy to use are even included in the free version of Linkly.

If you need a tool just to shorten long urls then you don’t need Linkly even though it will work fine for shortening links

Linkly really shines when you consider it’s abilty to leverage pixel tracking and url cloaking. You can setup Linkly to use your own domain/sub-domain

Get the free version to try out, test and you will have plenty of room to test with a 1000 link clicks per month. The paid version 25,000 clicks and just $29/month.

Here are some of the key features

  • Use your own sub-domain or dedicated domain name for your own personalized links.
  • Add a new link in under 30 seconds and when using your own domain you can setup up custom/friendly link names for potential clickers
  • Leverage tracking pixels for all of the advertising platforms you are tracking via the Google Tag manager (GTM)
  • If not using the GTM you can track Google Analytics and Facebook pixels independently
  • Easily add event tracking by using the header or body tag entry.
  • Add values to the Data Layer for tracking for detailed link tracking.
  • Set up defaults for links to make tracking available by default.
  • Redirect by country
  • Target for different languages, currencies and/or products
  • Redirect to rotating links
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Reporting shows link performance

Is Linkly too good to be true?

Quite the opposite. It is an amazing tool at an amazing price – even FREE!

Of course there is a paid version. It’s just $29/month for 25,000 clicks and both the free and paid plans include unlimited links.

When you grow out of the free version there is nothing to do but upgrade as all the features are live in the free version. You pay for what you need.

if you are in need of a linking tool that is fully of all the right features for online marketers (especially affiliate marketers)

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