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The KFO Kit

Here's an awesome listing of the KFO tools that make your KFO lifestyle amazing!

Testing Kit

Ketone Meter, Ketosis Breath Analyzer

Breath testing for ketones is considered a top way to monitor progress.

KETO-MOJO GK+ Glucose & Ketone Monitor

Monitoring the ketones and glucose in your blood will absolutely keep at the top of your KFO game. 

Urinalysis Keto Test Strips for Testing Body Urine Ketosis Levels

If you are just starting out then consider just doing the urine strips initially to test your ketosis status.

Food Prep Kit

Dash Mini The Mini Chaffle Maker

Make Delicious 2 Ingredient Chaffles with this mini maker!  Non Stick of course

Amazon Basics Vacuum Sealer

Seal your left overs and use with in your Sous Vide food preparation

Vacuum Sealer Bags!

Get a 150 feet of 8 inch wide vacuum sealer bags

Sous -Vide Cooker, Inkbird WiFi

Cook your foods the Sous Vide way and save hours in cooking time and eat better tasting food

12 Quart Sous Vide Container

The go to container to get your Sous Vide game to the next level!

Sous Vide Container Lid

This flip lid helps maintain the water temperature at the preset level by insulating what’s inside

100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Berberine

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar, Glucose Metabolism, Weight Loss, Immunity & Cardiovascular Health


Discovery Call

Discovery Call – no obligation call to discuss your health history and goals, and suitability for KFO coaching

Keto Call

Single Sessions – individual a-la-carte appointments with a KFO coach