Ghee – Butter flavor on Steroids – It’s great for your health

Straight to the Point

Ghee is easy to create from simple butter that has amazing health benefits like fighting inflammation and lowering cholesterol

It was created in North Eastern India ages ago to create long shelf life butter.

Where the hell did this whole ghee idea come from?

First created sometime near the year 1800-2000 BCE somewhere near the Northeast corner of India

Due to the heat in India there was a need for long shelf life butter

It’s also called clarified butter

Why do they say it is good for you?

  • Fights inflammation
  • Protection for the digestive system
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Contains Vitamin A, E and K2
  • Has a high smoke point for frying foods
  • Adds amazing flavor to the foods you cook and eat

Okay how do I make it?

Is there a recipe? Heck no. It is the easiest thing on earth to create.

You cook butter at low temperature so that the milk solids all aggregate and can be then be removed via filtering

Now the butter you use matters but is not critical. If you like you can use butter that is from grass fed cows or in my case I mostly use the solid butter from Costco or Sams Club.

There is one key objective in processing the butter into ghee and thIat is to get rid as much of the milk solids as possible.

I cook about 12 to 16 sticks of butter for just over an hour. I use an induction heat source that can set the temperature level that I know is consistent and won’t “boil” the butter.

At least once a week I will create another batch of ghee

How do you use ghee?

I use it ANYWHERE I would use cooking oil or butter. Especially butter.

For example if a cake mix or brownies calls for oil I simply replace the oil amount with ghee

If I am cooking fried eggs or scrambled eggs then I use ghee to get it done

Ghee on Bagels or toast is like butter flavor on steroids.

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