Digital Kitchen Food Scale – Grams or Ounces

Straight to the Point

Let’s not over complicate things here – it’s a digital kitchen food scale.

This one happens to be a sub $20 dollar scale that fits just about anywhere in your kitchen or RV.

If you like precision then this is for you.

Use the “tare” feature to set remove the weight of a container so you can weigh items in the container of you choosing.

Specs on Amazon

  • THE RIGHT CHOICE: You’ve found an inexpensive everyday food scale without compromise.
  • THE FEATURES YOU NEED: 1g resolution, 11lb capacity, easy to read.

Why should I get a digital kitchen scale?

You can use it to measure out the right amount of this and than like coffee to name one.

Some swear you should be weighing ingredients versus going by volume like cups etc.

There are those who measure flour by scale versus volume.

Keep in mind it fits into the life by design model such that it is easy to store.

What else do I need?

Nothing but the stuff you intend to weigh.

Okay where can I get a digital kitchen food scale?

It’s available on Amazon

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