Canon Pixma Printer TS6320 BK

Straight to the Point

The Canon Pixma Printer is an all round star when it comes to a sub $100 dollar printer.

Add low cost replacement cartridges to the equation and you have a printer that keeps on producing and didn’t break the bank to pick it up.

Some of the Techs and Specs from Amazon

  • With a 1.44” OLED display and LED status bar easily navigate and view your printer status. The OLED display displays deep, accurate color and the LED status bar provides simple printer status information – even from across the room
  • A five individual ink system allows you to print sharp Black text documents and vivid color photos, and when an ink tank runs out you only need replace that specific ink tank compared to a partially used tri-color cartridge
  • With an auto expandable output tray, This printer is made for smartphone & tablet printing.
  • Even when the printer is powered down – simply press Print and the PIXMA TS6320 will power on and output tray automatically extend ready to ‘catch’ your prints.
  • Save 10 percentage on all ink reorders with Dash Replenishment; Upon activation your printer measures ink levels and places smart reorders when you are running low; No subscription fees; Cancel anytime

It’s got a low price is it too good to be true?

You can spend forever with Amazon trying to sort out which inkjet printer to buy.

Clearly you can spend piles of money on $200-400 dollar printers.

However, all you want the best sub $100 dollar printer to do good printing that works and is cost effective.

I have researched and tested the various sub $100 printers to sort out which is one of the best values.

How the print head and cartridges behave is most important of all. Do they get blocked up and render the printer essentially useless etc.  In a word no.

Turns out that this Canon Pixma Printer is a keeper!

So after all the work it turned out to be this printer. 

So I’ve done enough leg work with purchases and returns to sort out that these are a great printers in terms of value for money. 

I have this printer now for nearly 2 years and it has pushed out 1000s of quality printed pages.

Does it work?

Yeah they are really good for what I use them for.

  • Quick economical printing
  • Great printing at a really great price

All in all this printer is a great choice for the price.

You should consider leveraging the work I put in to skip all the ordering, returning, reading, video watching etc

Where can I get the Canon Pixma Printer?

You can get this printer on Amazon

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