Canon SL3 DSLR Digital Camera EOS Rebel

Straight to the Point

The Canon SL3 DSLR is simply the best all round sub $700 value for money with awesome Auto-focus and 24 megapixels and 4k Video to boot.

Some of the Techs and Specs from Amazon

  • Lightest, smallest EOS DSLR camera
  • High image quality with 24. 1 Megapixel CMOS (APS C) sensor
  • Fast and accurate dual Pixel CMOS AF with eye detection AF
  • 3.5mm diameter stereo mini jack
  • 4K video, 4K time lapse movie
  • Approx. 15.84 oz (under a pound!)
  • Vary angle Touchscreen, 3. 0 Inch LCD, built in Wi Fi and Bluetooth technology with auto image transfer, DIGIC 8 Image processor, is 100 25600, optical Viewfinder with a 9 point AF system

Too good to be true?

You can spend forever with Amazon trying to sort out which Camera to buy. Clearly you can spend piles of money on $1,000+ cameras but let’s just say you want the best sub $750 dollar DSLR camera to do good video as well as take great photos.

I have researched and tested the various Nikon, Canon, Panasonic etc models to sort out which is one of the best values in buying a camera. Does it have a flip screen, good auto-focus and a wide range of features.

No definitely not too good to be true since you get amazing features that in the past would cost you much, much more.

Yeah sure if someone gives you a Nikon D3500 you are well off enough to do video and photos but if you don’t know anyone with a free camera to give you then skip all the testing and researching and go straight to what works for the best price.

So which one should I get?

This Canon SL3 DSLR camera is the net result of me doing exactly what I described above. I ordered this camera when it was about $449+ dollars.

I  read review after review trying to sort out which one of these things was a good buy for the money.  So yeah you might not go wrong with other similarly priced cameras.

I looked at various other DSLRs in this price range.  You have the Nikon D3500 for example. Nikons have gained fame for being great at taking still photos but not so great on Video.

I also own the Nikon D3300 and can attest that the Canon does better at video.  The auto-focus on the Canon is second to none.

The Sony’s and the Panasonics are substantially more costly to get this level of features and capabilities. Each of these brands have their own issues such as over heating when running video for extended periods of time.

Sure Sony and Panasonic are great cameras but in order to get features that the Canon SL3 has one must spend much more money for these brands.

So if you want balance on good photos and great video then you should consider the Canon SL3 according to the “experts” on YouTube.

As is standard for this website the key point to be made is that you can skip the tiresome process of getting this camera and than camera only to have to box stuff up and do returns and hope for the best.

I have done all that monotonous, tedious legwork on the internet and YouTube to sort out what’s you best bet for this level of DSLR cost.

Turns out that best value for money is the Canon SL3 DSLR!

So after all the work it turned out to be this camera.  Is there a better one? Could be but I’ve done enough leg work and purchases and returns to sort out that these are a great value for money.

I have had this camera now for nearly 3 years and it has spent endless hours using it for recording video.

Value for money is key here. You probably wont’ be swapping out cameras for awhile and lenses between the various brands makes that idea not such a great one.

Do they work?

Yeah they are really good for what I use them for.

  • Taking great photos
  • Great auto-focus for both photos and video
  • Recording youtube videos, traveling videos etc

So all in all this camera is a great choice for the price and you might consider leveraging the work I put in to skip all the ordering, returning, reading etc.

What else do I need?

Some one time purchases will go a long way and you can ALWAYS use SD cards for so many things.

Next get a good case and this cable that allows you to run the camera to do videos without running out of batteries.

Running the camera for video with a dummy battery USB cable is absolutely the way to go.

Swapping batteries while doing video or even time lapses will cause you to give up the hobby in no time.

The HDMI capture device connects you up to your laptop or PC such that you can record video and see output on a larger screen.

Lenses for Canons are often much less costly than other brands.

There are few off Canon branded lenses that are much lower cost than the branded versions yet yield awesome results.

Uses Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses, excluding EF-M lenses) so there are loads of options in terms of lenses.

Where can I pick it up?

They are available at Amazon

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