17 Oz Bodum Pour Over Coffee Pot

Straight to the Point

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Pot is my go to coffee source several times a day.

It comes with a stainless steel mesh filter, however I still add a #2 filter to keep my coffee tasting exactly as I like it.

Boil some water, pour 600 ml into a measuring cup and slowly pour the water over the amount of ground coffee you have found that suits you.

This easily produces two standard mugs of coffee or one large coffee to go container.

Specs on Amazon

  • Includes a Permanent stainless steel mesh filter; no paper filters or capsules needed
  • Mouth-blown borosilicate glass, dishwasher safe

Is the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Pot too good to be true?

There are more costly pour over pots to choose from. I have been using this one now for more than 3 years.

It is super easy to store away which means it’s a go for RV travel.

Bodum also has a 34 oz version that is just a few dollars more so if you find yourself needing more coffee per brew then by all means get the larger one.

What else do I need?

You’ll need some way to get near boiling temperature water such as an electric kettle.  I got this electric kettle on Amazon for sub $20 dollars. 

Some use portable scales to measure out the coffee to the exact number of grams each time.  I find myself doing this from time to time.

Okay where can I get a Bodum Pour Over Coffee Pot

It’s available on Amazon

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